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Where to Buy Gourmet Gifts Near Me

Where to Buy Gourmet Gifts Near Me for all gift giving occasions.

Gone are the days where meat is the regular main dish on the table. Produce is often the most lacking part in the American diet, but eating the Mediterranean way reverses that order. When an individual decides to make produce their primary source of nutrients, the first worry is if they will be getting enough protein. This worry is without cause as long proper meal planning is integrated. Nuts contain omega-3s with legumes and tofu proving to be excellent sources of protein. Low-fat dairy options such as cheese and yogurt are also available in the daily “quota” of traditional Mediterranean dining.

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Certain low-fat dairies such as mozzarella cheese should be part of a weekly diet rather than a daily one. Meat should be regarded the same, being primarily utilized as an extravagant meal enhancer. Portions that are small and weekly make it possible to appease both the palate and heart health. While technically a meat, fish can be consumed in larger amounts. The reason why six to eight ounces of fish can be eaten weekly and other meats are strongly recommended otherwise comes down to two main reasons. Fish provide large amounts of omega-3s while being low in saturated fats. High cholesterol and increased heart disease risk is the main reason why most meats are placed as side dishes and savory enhancers.

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Eggs, poultry, veal, lean pork, lean red meat, and high-fat red meat are placed in descending order of the amount consumed in the traditional Mediterranean diet quota. Eggs can be consumed up to four times a week and high-fat red meats such as prime rib once monthly or less. While the near-exclusion of meat may seem daunting at first, it is easier in practice. In fact, you can easily consume less animal products in a month than the Mediterranean diet quota allows for within a week’s time. As with any habit, the Mediterranean way of eating soon becomes automatic. Read the rest of this posted 12/23/2016 on Where to buy Gourmet Gifts Near Me

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