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Olives and their unique Flavor

The unique gourmet taste of olives. Your first bite may not be as pleasant as you expect. Olives have a unique flavor that sort of grows on you. It may taste peculiar at first but the more you are familiar with how it tastes, the more you may be drawn to it. It is an acquired taste. But once you have it, make sure you keep someon hand, in air tight container or a jar.

Get to know this wonderful fruit. There is so much to find out – its history, the kinds of olives available and the best ways one can take pleasure in them.

Olives may be one of the oldest known foods. Some say that these date back to 5 or 7 millennia ago, and hail from the island of Crete. Olives were then cultivated and grown mostly in the Mediterranean, particularly in Greece, Egypt, Palestine and nearby areas.

Olive also has its place in literature. The Bible has some references to it. It is also seen in the paintings and culture of ancient Egypt. Greek mythology also makes some references to this fruit.

Yes, olives played an important role in many ancient civilizations. It has since then blessed the people with food, medicine, timber and fuel. Such is the role of olives in history. Yes, it has been in use since 3000 BC.

Olives are also considered as emblems for wisdom and peace. You also hear talk about handing out the olive branch – depicting an offer of peace and friendship.

What is the best way to eat olives? Well, what you should remember is that you should not eat it right after you pick it off the tree. Olives should first be processed so as to cut down its bitterness. This natural taste is brought about by oleuropein, a chemical that exists in abundance in olive skin.

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