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Olives Picked And Processed

Olive processing varies with each variety of olive, as well as the region which cultivates it. The texture, taste and color of the processed olives are also considered when processed. Olives are invariably harvested in the autumn. The pickers determine when and what to pick. Sometimes, they are harvested while they are still unripe and green. Some olives are also allowed to turn black and fully ripen before they are picked.

Sometimes black olives are not allowed to ripen. Instead, the green and unripe olives are processed so until they turns into black. This is done by using processing methods that expose them to the air.

The color of the olives is also changes by different kinds of processing methods. These include curing the olives in salt, water, oil and brine. Olives may also undergo fermentation. As a result, olives turn purple, red, black, yellow or brown.

Change in colors is not the only effect of processing. The texture of the olives’ skin may also be affected. The shiny and smooth surface may turn wrinkled and shriveled because of processing.

Olives come in a number of varieties and names. These offer different flavors, most of them tasty. Olives are also given creative names such as Manzanilla, Kalamata, Nyon, Nicoise, Picholine, Cerignola and Sevillano. These olive varieties also look differently and come in diverse sizes. Olives may taste acidic, sour, bitter or smoky.

Olives can also come whole or pitted. Currently, olives are produced in Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Olives provide great health benefits, as they contain a number of substances that promote health. These include polyphenols and flavonoids, which are great anti-inflammatory compounds and protect your heart against diseases, as well as improve your gastrointestinal health.

The different kinds of olives also come in different packaging. In the supermarket or your deli store, you will find olives in tins, glass jars and tinfoil bags. You can also buy olives by the barrel. These are small barrels that are sold by weight. Once you open the package, you must keep it in the refrigerator. Put these in an airtight container, especially if these are immersed in brine.


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