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Bread Dipping Appetizers: An Ideal Party Dish

Instead of serving traditional cheese and cracker or sliced celery and cubed cheese appetizers for your next party, why not try something with a little more flair? Fresh sliced, toasted Italian bread combined with a great blend of bread dipping herbs and spices makes for a great appetizer. Bread dipping primarily originates all the way from the Mediterranean region in Europe. Because of its simple yet tasty gourmet flavor, bread dipping is immensely popular in Greece and Italy.

A bread dipping appetizer simply begins with a fresh baked baguette. When a special blend of Italian herbs and spices and extra virgin olive oil are added, this simple loaf of bread is transformed into gourmet hors d’oeuvre. Balsamic vinegar may also be introduced into the mixture. All of your guest will undoubtedly love this appetizer.

The secret to creating a phenomenal bread dipping appetizer is using a rehydrated spice mixture, which is achieved by covering the spices with just a small amount of water in a shallow dish and leaving this to stand for about a quarter of an hour. The water is later drained and olive oil is added. Rehydrating draws out the original flavors of the spices. For even more flavor, you may opt to add a variety of condiments, such as grated Parmesan, cracked pepper, and lemon juice.

One other important tip to remember is that your bread dipping dish will only be as good as the olive oil you use for it. Accordingly, be sure to use a quality olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Such gourmet olive oil is great for adding excellent flavor to your dish. Olive oil tastes exceptionally great when paired with fresh-baked sourdough, foccacia, or a baguette.

In addition to choosing a quality oil for your bread dipping appetizer, you should definitely consider using a vinegar to add to the overall taste of your dish. Oil and vinegar work great together. If you’re looking to create a very aesthetically-pleasing appetizer, balsamic vinegar is a great choice, as it will pool together when mixed with olive oil. Bread can be made equally presentable if it is sliced at angles. To create an hors d’oeuvre platter, simply halve these bread slices and serve alongside the dip.

Versatility is one prime characteristic of a good bread dipping seasoning. Seasonings have a variety of applications. They can serve as salad garnishes, pasta dressings, or flavorful cooking additions to roasts, chicken, and steamed vegetables. Seasonings can likewise be used in beef and poultry marinades, especially as they contain rich Italian flavors.

Bread dipping appetizers are ideal for parties, as they do not require much time and energy to prepare. Moreover, these dishes possess amazing flavor and are healthy as well. Bread dipping dishes epitomize Old World cuisine and all it has to offer.
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