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Olive Oil The Warm Flavor

Thursday, February 05th, 2009

Olive Oil offers warmth to your cooking and diet. For nearly 6,000 years many people all over the world have enjoyed the warm flavor and scent of the oil. With olive oil being available in the grocery stores, consumers are becoming very selective about the many brands and grades of olive they can choose from. Olive oil is ideal for bread dipping in bread dipping dishes.

Olive oil tastings have been held similar to wine tastings. People use such words as mild fruity and mellow to refer to the aroma of the olive oil, and zesty, nutty, buttery, sweet, assertive and rich to refer to the taste. The appearance can be described as amber, clear, green, or cloudy. Olive oil can be stored for up to two years if it is kept in a dark and cool place, however does not taste better with age as wine does.

When looking for the best grades consider these tips:

Light olive oil has a different taste compared to the others, but has the same amount of calories and fat.

Pure olive oil is mixed with virgin oil and processed with chemicals and bleaching clay to reach an acidity level over 3 percent.

Virgin olive oil has a stronger taste due to an acidity level of 1 to 3 percent. It is sold in fewer quantities in the United States.

Finally, Extra virgin has an acidity below 1 percent. To achieve this the olives are not refined but cold pressed. The soil type of tree harvesting and growing techniques will affect the acidity and taste. Unfiltered extra virgin has a sharper taste and is best used for salads and cheaper extra virgin is better for cooking with.

The bottom line for flavor and taste; purchase a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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