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Sauteing With Olive Oil

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Sautéing is a very simple way to pan fry food, in a small to medium sized frying pan, with a small amount of olive oil. When you use this method for cooking food, you will continuously toss and turn the food over in a pan, allowing the food to jump around. This movement of the food in the pan will ensure that the food is cooked evenly and that it does not go brown too quickly. Sautéing was traditionally done using butter, but any type of oil is great for the purpose, the higher the smoke point, the better.

If you want to cut back on the amount of animal fat you use when cooking, you can easily use a mixture of oil and fat for sautéing. Firstly, heat the oil, and then add the food to the pan. For optimum results, the food added to the pan should be at room temperature. Using a mix of oil and butter, you will retain all the flavors you want, producing a richness that is less high in fat. Once you have cooked, use the excellent flavors in a process known as deglazing. Simply add some stock to the pan once you have removed the food, and then swirl around to mix up the juices. For this purpose you may like to use wine, vinegar, or a liquid stock, all of them working equally well to get rid of particles that are stuck to the pan. Then continue to heat until the liquid reduces, and pour it over the food, ready to serve immediately. In the recipe section you will find several dishes that use this method for creating a sauce for the food.

Olive Oil With Olive Patties

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Olives and olive oil are both naturally delicious and healthy and make a great addition to baking dishes as they can perk up any pie, patty or bread. These Turkish olive oil patties will impress you with their rich flavor and moistness as well as their healthy ingredients  which make a delicious snack , without guilt.


  • 6 oz of green olives
  • Rosemary
  • 1 ¼  cups flour
  • 1 cup of light milk
  • 2  large eggs yolks beaten
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil ( also known as evoo )
  • A dash of salt


  • Make sure the oven is preheated at 350 °F or 180  °C.
  • Chop the olives
  • Chop the rosemary leaves
  • Combine the low fat milk  with the egg yolks in a separate bowl.
  • Whisk in the flour little by little, as you stir all the ingredients together.
  • Add the rosemary leaves with the salt into the mixture
  • Stir the mixture well until it forms to a flowing paste.
  • Add the chopped olives with the olive oil in the bowl.
  • Grease a medium baking pan and  distribute the paste with a spoon.
  • Leave it to the oven for  around  25 minutes

Tip: Serve hot or reheat in the oven to  enjoy a better flavor and texture. if you want to perk-up this recipe you can add your own ingredients like dried tomatoes, grated cheese and anything else you think would add more taste to the mixture.

Walnut Pesto With Olive Oil

Wednesday, February 05th, 2014
  • One cup extra virgin olive oil
  • One garlic clove
  • Twelve walnuts
  • One quarter cup fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Small handful of basil
  • Small handful of parsley
  • Three sprigs fresh mint
  • Sea salt
  • Ground pepper

Wash all the greens well. Peel the garlic and grind the pepper. Crack the walnut shells and pull out the meat from inside. Put them in a food processor or a pestle and mortar. Mash up the garlic and add to the meat, then sprinkle with sea salt. Start the machine or begin pounding. Continue to add more herbs and continue with the machine or pound again. Using a restaurant grade olive oil cruet, drizzle about one cup of olive oil in the mixture. Keep processing until the mixture is very smooth and looks like a green sauce. Then, season with pepper, salt and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

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