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Dipping Dish Gourmet

Glass Oil Drizzlers designed for Oil and Vinegar

Consumers are beginning to understand the correlation between healthy eating and an increased life span. The Mediterranean diet – bottled water, red wine and generous use of olive oil – is becoming increasingly popular.

To complement new healthy eating styles, consider using newly created Oil Drizzlers. Our non-drip Oil Drizzlers are classy pieces that don’t need to be hidden away in the kitchen. Made from hand blown glass, these Oil Drizzlers create a great centre piece, and can be used as simple dispensers, or as a cruet, used to blend you own herbs and spices with your favorite olive oil.

If low fat cooking is your aim, then our Oil Drizzlers are the perfect kitchen companion. Use to pour the smallest amount of oil into a pan before cooking, or drizzle a light shower of olive oil on your fresh salad.

No drip was the aim of the newly designed Glass Oil Drizzlers, and this has been achieved, with elegance no less. Balsamic vinegar, oil and wine can now be displayed and poured without fear of staining.

Our Oil Drizzlers are more than simple no drip containers though. Storage of olive oil and balsamic vinegar no longer presents a problem, as their elegance makes them perfect for display. Use to dress salads and pasta dishes quickly and simply, or drizzle the perfect amount of oil into a pan to stop sticking, or to coat food while cooking.

You are guaranteed both uniqueness and quality as our Oil Drizzlers are hand blown by European glass craftsmen, and not mass produced.

If you’re after a set of classy dinner companions, take a look at our custom-made Oil Drizzlers. A matching oil and vinegar glass drizzle cruet set is available, and perfect for display. Quality over quantity is desired, so each of our Oil Drizzlers is created from hand blown glass, providing class and elegance.

Our two piece cruets are made from borosilicate glass, which is hand blown to form the glass pour spout and cruet vessel. From the finest olive oil to a gourmet wine vinegar, drizzler cruets provide you with a way to dispense your chosen liquid with precision.

Our Oil Drizzlers made from Simax glass exhibit no metallic corrosion even when exposed to vinegar for extended periods. The glass spout ensures that our Oil Drizzlers don’t drip, preventing both stains and waste. An integral vent in the spout provides pressure equalization which means oil and vinegar can be drizzled slowly over any dish, avoiding over saturation.

If you entertain even occasionally, an oil and vinegar cruet set is a great investment. They also make unique anniversary, birthday and Christmas gifts.  Use our Oil Drizzlers to dispense olive oil and vinegar over salads, or consider using as a condiment over grilled vegetables, pasta, and roasted meats.

Oil Drizzlers are sold as matching pairs. Each cruet can contain up to 6 fl oz. and are dishwasher safe. Oil and vinegar are not included.

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