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Make Your Own Italian Bread For Dipping In Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

How To Make Your Own Italian Bread For Bread Dipping

Most importantly, you will need a gourmet Italian bread dipping dish and even more importantly, the finest, most delightful, and the best tasting Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is Italy’s version of making French bread, because of its shape and texture. This recipe makes three 12” loaves of bread and 4½ cups of flour used for making bread. This includes the one cup you will need for your preparations area.

  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup of cornmeal


1. Put all your ingredients, with the exception of the cornmeal, into a large food processor. Blitz the ingredients for just a few seconds. Whilst the food processor is still running, add your warm water very carefully and slowly. Remember that the temperature of the water should not be more than 110 degrees. This entire process should form a smooth, sticky dough ball. It is possible to adjust the texture of the dough if necessary by adding flour or water depending on whether too wet or too dry. Continue to process for 45 seconds once the dough has started to form.

 2. The dough then needs to be transferred to a bowl that has been dusted in flour, ensuing that all the surfaces of the dough are adequately covered with the flour. The next stage if the preparation is to allow the dough to rise by leaving it in room temperature for two hours, or alternatively refrigerate for twenty-hours, but remember after refrigerating it does need to return to room temperature before use. You will know that the dough is ready as it will double in size.

3. The dough is now ready to be transferred to your pre-floured flat preparation area. The dough can now be divided into three pieces. Your are now ready to knead three equal sized dough balls. Remember you are trying to achieve bread that has plenty of air in it so keep all the pair pockets in tact when needing and the resulting bread will have a more authentic texture. The raw bread should be loosely covered and left to sit for a quarter of an hour.

4. The oven should be preheated until it reaches a temperature of 475 degrees, or 220 c also you will need to heat either two baking sheets or a baking stone. Shape the bread by bringing the outer edge towards you and infolding in to meet the edge nearest you and sealing with the heel of your hand. Repeat this process two more times by turning at a 180 degree angle and time and folding. When you have three loaves formed, transfer into baking 14” long bread baking cylinders, cover and leave to stand for half an hour at room temperature.

5. When ready make diagonal slashes with a knife on your loaf leaving a gap of 3” between each. Place your loaves onto a baking sheet that has been covered with cornmeal, dust with flour and transfer to an over at the reduced temperature of 450 degrees. For the first ten minutes of baking spray a fine mist of water on the loaves. Repeat three times, ensuring not to allow the bread to deflate by leaving the oven door open for too long. The entire baking time should be 25 minutes and your loaves are golden brown and crisp.

After allowing the bread to cool you are ready to serve. Alternatively, you may wish to freeze your loaves, preferably no longer than two weeks. When you wish to use your frozen Italian bread, defrost and heat for ten minutes in a 350 degree oven.


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