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Olive Oil Bread Dipping

bread dipping appetizerThe culinary art of olive oil bread dipping can provide you with a great-tasting and healthy snack, with a large number of uses. The American Heart Association (AHA) announced recently that olive oil helps prevent heart-related health issues, so foods containing olive oil have many potential health benefits. select item
Olive oil bread dipping is, quite simply, dipping warm, fresh Italian bread in a sauce made mostly of extra virgin olive oil. This dish is suitable for a variety of functions, from a simple dinner side to finger food at a social gathering. By adding other ingredients such as cracked black pepper, sun dried tomato pesto, basil, and lemon juice, you can create a multitude of different flavors. The possibilities abound and are limited only by your imagination. Before serving your new creation, add the ingredients to the olive oil and allow the dip to stand for 15 minutes so that the flavors mix and are properly expressed before serving.

Apart from being used in olive oil bread dipping, olive oil dips have a great many other uses. You can use them as the base for salad dressings or pasta sauces, or even as marinades for meats. Cooked greens drizzled with olive oil also taste excellent.

Although it is slightly more expensive than the ‘pure’ form of olive oil, you should only use extra virgin olive oil when making your olive oil dips. Extra virgin olive oil contains whole worlds of flavor that the mundane taste of ‘pure’ olive oil simply cannot compete with. To create a meal using olive oil as a theme, serve an olive oil bread dipping appetizer, then marinade any meats in olive oil or sprinkle it liberally over vegetable dishes.

After making an olive oil dip, you can either use it immediately or store it for later use. Olive oil dips, kept in a container and refrigerated, provide a great snack option. Sliced bread or vegetable sticks, served along with the dip, make a great snack for hungry children or even quick finger food when guests arrive unannounced.

While herbs and spices can give olive oil dips more varied tastes, quality extra virgin olive oil is sufficiently tasty that it can be used without any additions. A small dish of olive oil served alongside bread makes a very satisfactory side dish or snack.

A simple shortcut to making an olive oil dipping sauce with extra flavor is to use that all-important kitchen appliance – the microwave. Herbs and spices, added to olive oil, and heated for 10 seconds in the microwave oven quickly become a hassle-free flavored olive oil dip.

If you like simple and healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare but you have yet to try olive oil dipping, then give it a try. Good for any occasion, whether for a midnight snack or swanky party, olive oil dips will surely not disappoint.

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